Exploring Devils Tower: A Day Trip from Lead, South Dakota

Lead, South Dakota is a great starting point for a day trip to Devils Tower National Monument. Located 49.64 miles away in a north-westerly direction, the journey to this sacred site of worship for many American Indians is an easy one. The fastest route from Lead to Devils Tower is 80 miles (128.75 kilometers) by car, following Route US-14 and taking just 1 hour and 23 minutes. The midpoint of the journey is Beulah, Wyoming, and once you arrive at Devils Tower you'll be able to explore the many hiking trails, picnic areas, and other attractions the park has to offer.

The most popular hike is the Tower Trail, a 1.3-mile paved hike that begins in the Visitor Center parking lot. There are also several small restaurants located at the entrance of Devils Tower if you'd like to have lunch there. If you're up for the road trip, you can check out the driving directions from Lead to Devils Tower National Monument. Of course, you can also find out if it's worth driving instead of flying, and you can do that by calculating the cost of fuel from Lead to Devils Tower National Monument.

With a 2.5-hour drive away, you can drive from Mount Rushmore to Devils Tower in one day with no hassle. The National Park Service (NPS) considers rock climbing to be a legitimate recreational activity at Devils Tower. If you drive the fastest route from Rapid City to Devils Tower and back again, it's 215 miles and takes three and a half hours. Devils Tower is an incredible destination for a day trip from Lead, South Dakota.

With its stunning views and many attractions, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience!.

Roxanne Cotner
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