Exploring the Wonders of Devils Tower and Yellowstone National Park

Devils Tower National Monument, established in 1906, is a spectacular rock formation, home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. Climbers put their skills to the test on the rugged rock walls. Buffalo Bill Cody and a group of investors founded the city in the 1890s. They understood the potential of the area with its rich soil, incredible natural landscape and abundant wildlife.

They knew that the location's proximity to Yellowstone National Park would attract tourists. This is one of the top destinations for travelers in the United States. Yellowstone National Park is a unique blend of hot springs, geysers, wildlife and natural beauty. It is the first national park in the United States and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Yellowstone has half the hydrothermal characteristics in the world.

The park has the highest concentration of geysers. Old Faithful is the most famous. Yellowstone hot spots work with the heat of North America's largest supervolcano, centered under the park. The distance between Devils Tower and Yellowstone National Park is 303 miles.

The road distance is 432 miles. From Devils Tower, you can drive directly to Yellowstone. It will be a trip from 6 to 7 hours. Going to Grand Teton first before Yellowstone is a detour when you drive from Devils Tower to Yellowstone.

If you're starting your trip to Devils Tower from further east, be sure to check out the best places to visit at the South Dakota and South Dakota campgrounds. So if you're going to go from Devils Tower to Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and you're going to drive the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway, then naturally you'll end up at the Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway. With a detour of approximately 1 hour or so of driving time, you can reach Devils Tower on your way to Yellowstone National Park. In the most recent history, two local ranchers first climbed Devils Tower in 1893 using a wooden ladder.

Have fun on this Wyoming road trip between two must-see destinations, Devils Tower National Monument and Yellowstone National Park. Natural forces continue to shape Devils Tower as wind and water continue to erode the pillar, it's rare, but sometimes entire columns break and fall to the ground around the tower. If you're driving from Devils Tower to Yellowstone, Cloud Peak Skyway is said to be the scenic route, and it's also said to be the steepest route. There are approximately 8 miles of trails through Devil's Tower National Monument, the most popular being the paved Tower Trail that surrounds the Tower.

Now let's say you have a private jet and can fly the fastest possible straight line between Devils Tower, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. We eagerly took photos trying to capture its ethereal beauty and are thankful that people like Presidents Grant and Roosevelt had the foresight to protect natural wonders such as Wyoming's Devils Tower and Yellowstone National Park. Some think that the magma that formed Devils Tower penetrated to the surface, while others think that erosion eroded the softer sedimentary rock to eventually expose the tower.

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