The Sacred and Unique Devils Tower: Exploring its History and Significance

Devils Tower is a unique and sacred place that has been a part of American history for thousands of years. Located in Wyoming, it is the first national monument in the United States, established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. It is considered sacred by the Indians and indigenous peoples of the northern plains, and is one of the best crack climbing areas in North America. From rock climbing and hiking, to capturing the area's diverse array of wildlife with a little photography, Devils Tower offers adventure and enrichment for travelers of all types. The naturally created cracks in the monument range in size from the width of a finger to large enough for a human to stand in, and the largest crack extends approximately 400 feet. On June 28, 1937, American-German mountaineer Fritz Wiessner became the first person in history to freely climb the Devils Tower.

However, the first climbers of the Devil's Tower left scars with their ancient rock climbing practices that can still be seen today. Transmitted through centuries of Native American history, the sacred narratives surrounding the formation and spiritual meaning of Devils Tower are still told today, preserved as a traditional part of American Indian culture throughout the region. The children have the sisters take the bear to Devils Tower and trick him into thinking that they have climbed the rock. Although some details vary from tribe to tribe, many aspects of the Tower of First Stories of the Devils remain the same. To this day, Native American tribes continue to hold sacred ceremonies in the Devil's Tower, such as dancing in the sun and other communal rituals. As rain and snow continue to erode the sedimentary rocks surrounding the base of the Tower, more Devils Tower will be exposed.

The boundary of the monument covers an area of 545 ha. Since the mid-1890s, Devils Tower has been one of the most popular rock climbing spots in the country. In addition to Devils Tower in WY, only a few of the oldest attractions include Yellowstone National Park, which was established in 1872. At that time, although many documents and maps reflected its original name “Bear Lodge”, Devils Tower became its popular and stuck title. About 20% of proceeds raised by National Park Service stays with them while 80% goes to preservation of Devils Tower National Monument. So, in no particular order, here is some information about Devils Tower and answers to some common questions about this strange and unique point of reference. From its spiritual significance to its historical importance, Devils Tower is an incredible place that should be experienced by everyone.

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