Exploring the Mystical Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument is a geological wonder that evokes mystery and wonder in visitors of all ages. Located in Wyoming, this sacred site to Native Americans is a popular road trip destination and has been featured in a famous film. In this article, learn how to plan your visit to Devils Tower National Monument, with things to do, how to plan your time, and tips for having the best experience. The Devils Tower National Monument Road crosses the park and connects the entrance station to the main places to visit and the visitor center.

The town of Devils Tower has several dining options, including the Devils Tower Gulch restaurant, at the base of the tower. If you're looking for accommodation, Devils Tower Lodge is located just north of the Joyner Ridge area. The most popular activity at Devils Tower is hiking around the Tower or exploring lesser-known areas of the park. The Tower Trail is a great option for those who want to get up close and personal with the monument.

For a different perspective on Devils Tower, try the Red Beds Trail which offers fewer people and more fun. If you're planning to drive between Yellowstone and Devils Tower or Mount Rushmore, choose between Cloud Peak Skyway and Bighorn Scenic Byway. Regardless of how it was formed, American Indian tribes consider the Devil's Tower to be sacred, and when you visit it, you should respect what this area means to the descendants of the inhabitants who were in the area long before the Westerners arrived. Devils Tower National Monument is an incredible place to explore and experience. With its impressive geological features, it's worth a special stop if you're close to Badlands National Park, Yellowstone National Park, or if you're traveling in between.

Plan your visit accordingly and make sure to respect its spiritual significance.

Roxanne Cotner
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