Exploring the Mystery and Wonder of Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument is a place of mystery and wonder that evokes a sense of awe in visitors of all ages. Located in the northeast corner of Wyoming, this iconic monument is sacred to Native Americans, a popular road trip destination, and even an alien landing site. It is also home to the Sacred Smoke Circle, a sculpture by Junkyu Muto that honors the American people as a gesture of world peace. The Devils Tower Golf Club overlooks the city of Hulett and is known throughout the region as an elite course.

It has a rich history, lush streets, and panoramic views of the iconic Devils Tower. The course was recognized as the best facility in the United States by the National Golf Foundation. Adventurous campers may want to visit the many hiking trails located inside Devils Tower National Monument. Energetic hikers can leave directly from the campsite to access trails such as Joyner Ridge or the popular Red Beds Trail.

Each trail is unique and well defined, many of them are equipped with wooden pegs that are still intact and can be seen in the tower as you walk the 1.3-mile (2.1 km) Tower Trail from Devils Tower National Monument. The deep scratches on the sides of the tower are due to a legend involving an old man, Wooden Leg (a Cheyenne from the north), who told another legend about a bear trying to climb the tower to reach two sisters and their brother. Local ranchers William Rodgers and William Ripley first climbed the Devil's Tower on July 4, 1893, who built a wooden staircase to reach the top. Geologists Carpenter and Russell studied Devils Tower in the late 19th century and concluded that it was formed by an igneous intrusion. Pohd-lohk, an elderly Kiowa man, gave Scott Momaday (Kiowa) the name Tsoai-talee (Boy from the Tree of the Rocks), and related the boy to the myth of the bear in the Devil's Tower.

O'Harra (from the South Dakota School of Mines) theorized that Devils Tower must be an eroded remnant of a lacolite. The Devil's Tower was declared the first National Monument of the United States by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Aladdin is a small community in the northeast corner of Wyoming that's worth a stop, especially during your trip to Devils Tower National Monument. Pine Haven is located next to Keyhole State Park and Reservoir. The Devil's Tower is just an hour and 20 minutes' drive from Sturgis, South Dakota, making it an ideal destination for those looking for an adventure close to home.

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