Exploring Devils Tower National Monument: A Road Trip to Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument is an 867-foot pillar of rock that draws everyone from Native Americans to geology buffs and climbers. Located in Northeast Wyoming, it was the first national monument in the United States, established on September 24, 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life, and climbers put their skills to the test on the rugged rock walls. The color of the tower changes depending on the position of the sun and the weather conditions, making it a delight for photographers.

Wooden Leg, a Cheyenne from the north, recounted another legend told to him by an old man as they traveled together through the Devil's Tower between 1866 and 1868. Visit the Devil's Tower Visitor Center to learn more about the geology and history of Devil's Tower. You'll have to stretch your neck back a little to look at it, since you're standing very close, but you have a few nice views of Devils Tower. Geologists Carpenter and Russell studied Devils Tower in the late 19th century and concluded that it consisted of an igneous intrusion. Have fun on this Wyoming road trip between two must-see destinations, the Devils Tower National Monument and Yellowstone National Park.

Devils Tower National Monument Road runs through the park and connects the entrance station to the best places to visit and the visitor center. Enjoy your short walks and see this unique place. With a full day at Devils Tower, walk the Tower Trail, choose between Joyner Trail and Red Beds Trail, and have a picnic lunch in the picnic area. This walk offers a different perspective of Devils Tower and, with fewer crowds, is more pleasant than the Tower Trail.

If you're going to be in Rapid City, you can visit Devils Tower on a day road trip that also includes Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood and Lead. Like the Tower Trail, this trail revolves around Devils Tower, but since the circuit is farther from the base of the tower, you get a better view of it. Sacred to Native Americans, a popular road trip destination and alien landing site, a famous film, Devils Tower evokes mystery and wonder for visitors of all ages. You can also visit Devils Tower on a road trip to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

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