Is Devils Tower Wyoming Worth Visiting? A Comprehensive Guide

If you're planning a trip to Wyoming or South Dakota, it's definitely worth taking a day trip to the Devils Tower National Monument. This Devils Tower itinerary is perfect if you want to take a day trip from Rapid City or if you want to make a stop on the way to Yellowstone. So, is Devils Tower worth a visit? Absolutely! Whether you're on your South Dakota itinerary or on your road trip from Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone and Grand Teton, this iconic landmark is well worth the visit. To get the most out of your experience, plan to spend at least half a day at Devils Tower. It takes at least an hour to drive here, so I highly recommend taking a few hours to explore the park and see the tower from different perspectives.

I was so impressed with its beauty that I decided to make it the centerpiece of our three-week summer road trip from Denver to Minneapolis. Even though it was quite remote, it was definitely worth the stop. Devils Tower is 110 miles northwest of Rapid City, making it an easy day trip if you're spending a few days in Rapid City to explore Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial. Plus, you can stop halfway in Deadwood, South Dakota for lunch and experience a true Wild West city. Once you get to the start of the trail, there's a nice circular path around the base of Devils Tower with plenty of great spots for taking pictures. The Joyner Trail, a little longer than 1.5 miles, also surrounds Devils Tower, allowing you to see the tower from a greater distance.

This viewpoint offers fantastic views of Devils Tower with trees and meadow as an impressive foreground. Most people who visit Devils Tower start and end their vacation in these two areas as part of fantastic US road trips in the area. Sections of Devils Tower are subject to weather and erosion, which is evident when you see the large field of rocks at its base. The Devils Tower National Monument is located in Devils Tower, Wyoming, in the northeastern section of the state. If you have plans to visit Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone, there are several driving routes to choose from that cross Wyoming and Devils Tower can easily be added to this road trip. Bursting into the sky from the grasslands of Northeast Wyoming, Devils Tower dominates a flat horizon for miles in all directions.

It is believed that the English name of Devils Tower comes from the mistranslation of the American Indian term, which was loosely translated as 'tower of evil gods' and later changed to 'tower of demons'. Devils Tower was the first national monument in the United States, established on September 24th 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Opponents of the name change say Devils Tower is one of the most historically known names and sites in the National Park Service and that its name should remain. There are five hiking trails at the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, spanning length and difficulty range. If you're looking at visiting both Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore, you'll need to allocate a full day for driving between them; however, it'll only take you two to three hours to see all that Devils Tower has to offer.

When you're looking at the tower, it's hard to believe it's real - I always wonder how it ended up in the middle of Wyoming! In this post, learn how to visit the Devils Tower National Monument with things to do, how to plan your time, and tips for having the best experience.

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