The Mysterious Legend of Devils Tower in Wyoming

The majestic Devils Tower in Wyoming has been a source of mystery and wonder for centuries. Rising 1200 feet from the grasslands near the Belle Fourche River, this iconic monolith has captivated visitors with its unique shape and spiritual significance. But why is it called Devils Tower?The name Devil's Tower originated in 1875 during an expedition led by Colonel Richard Irving Dodge. According to legend, the interpreter misinterpreted a native name to refer to the Tower of the Evil God.

This misnomer stuck, and eventually the U. S. Board on Geographic Names changed the name of the geographical rock and the nearby community, both called Devils Tower. While some aspects of the Devil's Tower legend are used in other variations, other tribes include different details. For example, according to one Sioux legend, two young girls were playing near the river when they were chased by a giant bear.

The girls prayed for help, and the Great Spirit created a tall rock for them to climb and escape from the bear. Although some details vary from tribe to tribe, many aspects of the Tower of First Stories of the Devils remain the same. At the time, although many documents and maps reflected the original name of the site, “Bear Lodge, Devils Tower” became the popular title and remained. However, instead of returning to their village, the girls ascend to the sky like stars, transforming into the Pleiades, or “Seven Sisters”, a cluster of stars that, if you choose to visit Devils Tower at night, are clearly visible just above the monument during the fall. From rock climbing and hiking, to capturing the area's diverse array of wildlife with a little photography, Devils Tower offers adventure and enrichment for travelers of all types. Transmitted through centuries of Native American history, the sacred narratives surrounding the formation and spiritual meaning of Devils Tower are still told today, preserved as a traditional part of American Indian culture throughout the region. Visitors can also see the star formation of the Big Dipper, “The Big Dipper” or “The Big Dipper”, just above Devil's Tower in the night sky, along with many other important star clusters and constellations referenced by area's Native American culture. Since Devils Tower was established by presidential proclamation under Theodore Roosevelt, its name can also be changed by presidential proclamation.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman presented the pipe at Devils Tower and showed people how to pray using it. In addition to Devils Tower in WY, only a few of oldest attractions include Yellowstone National Park, which was established in 1872. Every year thousands of climbers travel across country to phonolite porphyry walls of Devils Tower to climb columnar pillars and intensive crack systems. If columnar walls of Devils Tower call for you respect ban and don't go up during month of June. The spiritual leader of Grand Chief of Sioux Nation Arvol Looking Horse poses on July 9 with Devils Tower in background in Devils Tower WY. He is leading effort supported by spiritual leaders from 20 tribes and two interfaith groups to change name of Devils Tower to Bear Lodge place where Sioux have prayed and gathered for spiritual ceremonies for 19 generations and where other tribes worshiped before them.

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